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IMPACT4LIFE’s mission is empower the development of individuals and communities by positively impacting their recovery and quality of life.






IMPACT4LIFE ‘s vision is to provide opportunity for individuals to recover, achieve their fullest potential and become a person of influence in their community.






  • To help individuals overcome personal trauma and impact then to lead a live of influence in their communities.

  • Combat substance abuse and violence through youth and family programing.

  • Conduct a 12-month program entitled S.H.A.P.E. This program can be adapted to cater to at-risk youth, or those battling with substance abuse.

  • Provide life coaching workshops to groups and individuals

  • Engage in community outreach and beautification.

  • Offer a free annual family conference that provides informative workshops to improve knowledge and skills related to education, economics, community resources, and risky behaviors. Workshops are facilitated by a variety of professionals, including educators of representatives of social service providers with significant expertise in the training topics.



Randolph and Patricia Germany are natives of Indianapolis, specifically the 46218 community.


The couple has been married for over 25 years and through their life experiences and


Randolph knows the struggles that face the people of this community. As a long-time resident, he knows the dangers of substance abuse, being incarcerated and raising a family facing the same statistical odds. Randolph has overcome the odds and has been operating as a licensed practical nurse for over 20 years.


Patricia was a licensed cosmetologist for 20 years and owned a local salon called “Precisely Yours.” Patricia now serves as one  of  the  Senior Associate Pastors at Kingdom Apostolic Ministries where she leads the women’s ministry and formerly the children, youth, and young adult ministry, for over  25 years.


Patricia is an honors graduate of Indiana Institute of Technology, earning a Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership and a Master of Science in Management. Additionally, she is a John C. Maxwell Advanced Leadership Certified Life Coach and Mentor.

Randolph and Patricia have founded IMPACT4LIFE Inc., a community-based, non-profit organization that is dedicated to helping individuals change their lives so they can impact their communities. It’s their passion to see people overcome life’s obstacles and thrive.  

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