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Transitional House - Sober Living


The property at 4337 E. 30th street was purchased over 30 years ago by Emmett and Ruby Dodd. For the past 18 years the house has been vacant, deteriorating and accruing fines from the city. 

IMPACT4LIFE obtained their 501 (c) (3) status in 2019. Since then, directors, Randolph and Patricia Germany have been rehabbing the home. It has been completely gutted, and rewired. It is practically a brand-new home. 

Not immediately knowing what purpose this home would serve, they continued working by faith, knowing this home would be the first of many to impact the city of Indianapolis. When the need arose, the first concept for the Impact4Life Center was birthed. 

The first Impact4Life Center will serve four women who struggle with substance abuse, that are in imminent need of housing. The home will not only provide a safe haven for the women to live, but it will also offer an array of programming to help them overcome their struggles and make them a productive person of influence in their community.


Impact4Life Center will provide transitional housing for four women who are experiencing homelessness and substance abuse recovery. For many women, setting and working towards personal goals for independent living is an empowering process that adds motivation to their recovery.

Impact4Life Center’s people-centered approach encourages women to develop their own personal goals for a more independent life. Building life skills and pursuing self-directed goals, with the guidance and assistance of Impact4Life staff, enhances the women’s mental and physical health and sense of well-being.

Women in our transitional living program learn to participate in life again while being coached and guided on appropriate ways to handle life’s ups and downs. The structured transitional living environment provides women with a structured schedule to adhere to, as well as learn and grow from.

Do you or someone you know have interest in our transitional housing program?  Call 888-683-8673 to speak with a member of our staff. Click below to see the housing program eligibility and requirements.

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