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If These Shoes Could Talk 
The Stage Play

The stage play "If These Shoes Could Talk" tells a relatable and heartwarming story of how the cares of this life can overtake you. Monissa (played by Tempest Burks-Golden) is trying to find herself and cope with life situations all at the same time. She gets mixed up with the wrong crowd and here starts the vicious cycle of substance abuse. 

This play hits the heart of the user, ex-user and their family and friends. It addresses the reality of the drug abuse epidemic in our communities, but this play is also a play of hope.

There is hope and help for the substance abuse user!

If These Shoes Could Talk is a traveling stage play! If you are interested in the play coming to your city, please email to get more information! Proceeds from the play go to the Rosalyn Kimbrough-Poindexter  Scholarship Fund.

Highlights From Play Premiere!

Screenshot 2023-03-15 124139.png
Screenshot 2023-03-15 123232.png
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